Five Strategic Pillars for Success


Amplify the voices if Veteran communities

According to a study investigating the military-civilian gap found that 84% of the Global War on Terror Veterans say the American public has little or no understanding of the problems that those who serve in the military face.  Only about 0.5% of Americans served on active duty at any one time. However, during the height of World War II that figure was nearly 9%. To ensure Americans have the knowledge they need to deliver on their promise to care for the men, women and families who have borne the battle, the VHWF amplifies the difficulty Veterans encounter when readjusting to civilian life and their unique physical, psychological and emotional experiences related to their service to our country.


Advocate for equitable healthcare

EXCELLENCE in care for all Veterans and their families is a principle belief of VHWF and we champion equity and equality of care and the elimination of health and healthcare disparities. The National Veteran Health Equity Report and the VHA Health Equity Action Plan 2020 are sentinel documents deployed by VHWF to monitor the care vulnerable Veterans receive and the parameters used by the VA to set goals for improving their care. The report details patterns and provides comparative rates of health conditions in addition to basic comparative information on the sociodemographics, utilization patterns and rates of VHA Health Equity Action Plan 2020 diagnosed health conditions for vulnerable Veteran groups.


Access to dynamic resources for the family and community

Americans made the promise to care for THOSE who borne the battle. VHWF took that a step further and clearly articulated who THOSE were. We define THOSE as men, women and FAMILIES. If you have a member of your family who serves, all of the family members serve and therefore they must have access to information, resources and tools that enhance their knowledge and understanding about the impact that their Veteran’s disease, injury or illness has on their health.


Academic education and training that is credentialed, Veteran centric and military culturally competent

The myth that all Veterans get their healthcare at the VA is difficult to dispel. While there are ~20 million Veterans not all are eligible to receive care at the VA. Currently there are ~ 9 million registered with the VA and 6 million use the VA for their healthcare at any point and time at some level. Approximately 80% of Veterans and nearly 100% of their family members get all or some of their care in the civilian healthcare system. Therefore, it is imperative that military culturally competent and Veteran centric education opportunities are provided for providers, allied healthcare professionals and others caring for Veterans and their families. VHWF offers these accredited educational opportunities free throughout the year.


Advance the VMNC to safeguard the mission and vision

Achieving our mission, realizing our vision and accomplishing our goal that ALL Veterans and their families will live healthy and well lives undiminished by their service related health concerns sits at the center of the “Advance” Pillar. Implementing a continuous improvement process to improve our impact programs and grow the VMNC provides opportunities for incremental or breakthrough improvements that facilitate increases in health and wellness and ultimately improved health outcomes for Veterans and their families.