Veteran Medical Neighborhood Consortium™ (VMNC)

Your Veteran Medical Neighborhood

The (VMNC) is a bidirectional and cross-functional framework for the “Veteran facing” primary hub of coordination, collaboration and partnerships – that are clinical – through VHWF clinic partners, providers, allied healthcare professionals and social support personnel and non-clinical – through VHWF partner community centers and their leaders, clergy, faith-based organizations, employers, public health agencies, veteran centric businesses, colleges. With VHWF, Veterans and their families are the essential core element within the neighborhood, where the health needs of the individual (Veteran), aspects of the population (their families) and overall community (where they live, work, play, and pray), the opportunity to optimize health and wellness, diminish disparities and social determinants of health is increased significantly. The Veteran Medical Neighborhood Consortium TM (VMNC) model is supported by our FIVE Strategic Pillars for Success.