VLES: Veterans Accessing the System

Veterans Lived Experiences Series (VLES 2020-12).

As service members leave the military and re-enter civilian life, figuring out the maze of benefits and resources available to them can be overwhelming. This can be exacerbated by all of the other stresses of this transition and can continue unchecked.

In this webinar the Veterans Health and Wellness Foundation and George Mason University’s MVFI partnered to bring one veteran’s story of how she fought to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles and access the system of benefits available to veterans. In addition, our experts will provide an overview of resources to help veterans navigate the complex maze of benefits, so that they can get the resources to which they are entitled.

This event took place on December 8th, 2020. This Veteran’s Lived Experiences webinar concludes with some of the questions from attendees answered by the panelist.

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