How Healing Works

Primary determinants of health which involve social, environmental, lifestyle, and complementary medicine factors are often not integrated into routine practice, despite their heavy impact on well-being.

This talk incorporates scientific evidence to describe a systematic approach, called a HOPE (Healing Oriented Practice and Environments) visit, that helps patients tap into their inherent healing capacity.

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Lupus Disease

Recent studies are uncovering the correlation between PTSD and autoimmune disorders, specifically with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.This webinar, led by Dr. Kamen, provides an overview of lupus, an autoimmune connective tissue disease. It discusses the associated risks in relation to age, gender, and ethnicity demographics, and highlights Veteran status in particular. Diagnostic and therapeutic complexities of lupus will also be addressed.

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Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a key contributor to cardio vascular morbidity and early mortality. PH is of increased concern for the veteran population due to a lack of epidemiological knowledge for military veteran patient populations and delay of appropriate care within the commercial healthcare system.

This webcast, led by Dr. Argula, provides an overview of PH and PAH, its related risks as associated with age, gender, ethnicity and Veteran status, in addition to its diagnostic and therapeutic complexities.

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