Birthday – US Coast Guard Reserves

The Coast Guard Reserve was borne on 19 February 1939 via the Coast Guard Reserve Act.

The original version of the Coast Guard Reserve in the 1939 version was known as the Coast Guard Auxiliary via federal statute authorizing the Auxiliary. It was intended for civilian boat owners as part of their service in the Auxiliary would be responsible for promoting water safety, seamanship, and other water-based missions.

When WWII ended, a large number of reserve members were released to inactive duty (aka discharged). The Women’s Reserve was disbanded at nearly the same time, but would be reauthorized during the Korean conflict. Many such military and military-related operations that would disband, shut down, or run minimally at the end of WWII. These would be reactivated out of necessity for Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War. In 1949 saw it’s first federal funding approved for Coast Guard Reserve units. The Coast Guard Reserve would see peak recruitment during the Vietnam War with some 17,000 members recorded in 1969.

There are current and emerging health and wellness challenges for members of the USCG Reserves, as well as, US Army, the US Marine Corps, the US Navy, the US Coast Guard, the US Air Force, and the US Space Force, plus their National Guard (Army NG and Air NG) and Reserve (USA Reserves, USMC Reserves, USN Reserves, and USAF Reserves) components. That is why the Veterans Health and Wellness Foundation (VHWF) via the Veteran Medical Neighborhood ™ (VMNC) model is works to help raise awareness via our Impact Areas to – Amplify the Voices of each of these Veteran Communities.  Join us as an individual supporter, as a partner or as a donor.