Thanksgiving Day

Major holidays such as Thanksgiving often present a challenge for military personnel who can be stationed far from home and their families on the holidays. For many people in the military community, they will celebrate Thanksgiving in a different manner every year, depending on leave status, and current operations.

Traditionally, senior leaders serve dinner to junior personnel on Thanksgiving, when possible. Newly enlisted service-members may be away from home for the first time. Meanwhile, some military spouses and their children will celebrate Thanksgiving stateside, while a loved one is deployed.

No Veteran Left Behind at Thanksgiving: Veterans who have given a portion of their life to military service to uphold the freedoms and benefits of the United States of America (USA) can be very thankful that they served. If you know a veteran who will be alone on this Thanksgiving Day, invite them to join you, family and friends to celebrate or accompany them to a nice Thanksgiving meal. Most important thing to remember is that somewhere in all communities, states, clubs or other social groups, there is a Thanksgiving meal waiting to be shared with a veteran.

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