Impact Areas

Community Health / Wellness Events and Town Hall Forums

Contributing to community engagement facilitates the sponsorship of projects and events that cultivate awareness and understanding of the unique healthcare needs of Veteran and their families. VHWF strives to empower Veterans, their families and communities to become part of the solution and work to educate others in their communities.  Please contact us to learn more or arrange for a VHWF Speaker.

Veteran and Family Centered Health and Education Forums

Contributing to healthcare awareness and education forums and events that facilitate the evolution of people in the community and their leaders from supporters to savvy advocates for the healthcare needs of Veterans and their families. Civilian health- care facilities, when asked, are not aware that Veterans are being served in their clinics, hospitals and medical centers.

Fully Accredited Free Military Culturally Competent and Veteran Focused Education for Healthcare Professionals

Contributing to the education and training initiatives for healthcare providers, allied healthcare professionals and service support personnel will directly impact healthcare delivery to Veterans and their families.

Social Determinants Technology Platform (SDTP): Command Support Center

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The Command Support Center is used to connect Veterans and their families to verified social care providers. This platform includes a network that covers every county in the U.S. significantly reducing the challenges many veterans and their families face getting resources the resources needed to facilitate their ability to get healthy and sustain wellness.

YOUR DONATION enables us: to increase the number of dynamic health and wellness community events and training for community leaders; raise the bar for “excellence in care” regarding the unique healthcare needs of Veterans and their families; to provide Veteran centric and cultural competency training to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Veteran culture and its impact on healthcare delivery and health outcomes and to expand, maintain and sustain the platform for the Command Support Center resource tool.